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Sometimes I think about how game functionalities work under the hood. That's what I thought with Stack, originally from Ketchapp. So I challenged myself to recreate the basics of the game with current web technologies.


Stack is a game where you have to line up a block as close as possible with the block below, when it doesn't line up it will cut the block. The challenge of the game is to get as high as possible with your tower by stacking blocks. It is a very simple and addicting game to play.


Since the original game is in 3D and I wanted the project to resemble the original as much as possible. For this I used Threejs. Threejs is 3D javascript library for the web. With it you can easily create 3D environments.

For the scaffolding I used Vuejs, mostly because it is lightweight but also because it has reactivity built-in, so i can keep track of scores and other things easily.