Flood It

Can be played here!

A game where you need to flood the whole board with the same colors. Click on a color on the board to fill it with that colors.

Flood it

Learning purposes

With this project I tried to make myself more comfortable with the following things:

  • Webpack
  • Tailwindcss
  • Plain Javascript

I also wrote an article about finding the largest area in this game using depth first search.


Most of the time we just start a project by running a start command where everything will be setup for us. This time I wanted to know more about the workings of webpack. I followed some tutorials to make a webpack project from scratch and read the documentation. I learned a lot more about minimizers and loaders.


I use tailwind most of the time for my project because it is easy to use. This time I need to make it work with webpack and purged all the unnecessary css away.

Plain Javascript

No use of third party libraries like Vuejs. Although they would make a great starting point. Since this was a pretty simple application I tried to do it in plain Javascript.